“All I can tell you is that MultiMed has made a significant impact on this company’s survival. Before the billing was done properly, we had no cash flow. They took all of the old accounts and worked them, plus helped us process the present accounts. The end result was an increase in cash flow. The increased revenue has helped us tremendously with the cost of operations. We look forward to getting the fax telling how much they have deposited!”

“We went with MultiMed based purely on their reputation. They have a solid reimbursement success rate, are accurate and handle clients very well. Even with special claims that require hearings, they know exactly what to do and how to go about it.”

“I’ve worked with them from the top down and the bottom up. Everyone there is a pleasure to work with, great sense of humor, very professional and all around good people. They have a genuine interest in doing a good job.”

-Mercy Flight Central, Inc.

 ”MultiMed has had a tremendous impact on the services we provide. Since working with them our revenue has increased to the point where it’s a lot easier to purchase equipment and provide better training to our people. That means we can provide better care for the community. Before we would have to go out and ask for donations. We don’t have to do that any more!

“Ambulance billing is a very complicated process. Between insurance companies and Medicare rules, it was too much for us to handle. We talked with other billing companies and MulitMed just made everything easy for us. Other companies required us to always have face sheets from rides. But even when we don’t have them MultiMed is willing to try to get the information for us.”

“MultiMed is so easy to work with. Whatever kind of reports we need—number of calls by location, types of calls, Medicare calls—any stats we want, they provide. And we get very personal service. We have one representative we can talk directly with or send our clients to without having to go through a lot of layers.”

“I absolutely recommend MultiMed and I do so regularly!”

-Penn Yan Area Volunteer Ambulance Corp, Inc.


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