What We Do:

Put simply, MultiMed helps you get paid. We’ve been doing it since 1989 with programs tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual ambulance agencies we serve. Our qualified staff supports you with the systems to code, bill, track and report all of your collectible services. The bottom line is your bottom line. Because when your billing is done right, you can afford to provide the best to the patients you serve.

We work with:

  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Providers
  • Municipal, Private and Volunteer Ambulance Corps
  • Hospitals
  • Aeromedical (fixed and rotor wing) Transport Agencies

We do a lot for our clients. And it all starts with the right kind of systems and procedures that are as efficient as they are effective. In fact our process is so effective our client’s collection rates typically exceed the national average.

Procedures that Work:

Claims Control
Once billing information is received by MultiMed the data is entered into our computer system. Bills are then generated within three business days. We process all claims internally by our employees at our corporate headquarters in Baldwinsville, New York. MultiMed does not subcontract any part of the billing process.

Patient Friendly Billing
All billing is then sent to patients or the appropriate insurance companies. MultiMed assists patients by completing claims forms required by their insurance company and then submitting all bills directly to their insurance company.

Patient Follow Up
There are a lot of reasons MultiMed will follow up with patients. Sometimes insurance information is needed, or some of the information given is incorrect or outdated. We will procure whatever information is needed to process the claims fully.

Balance Billing
We follow all accounts individually and can bill a patient’s supplemental insurance company or the patient directly for any outstanding balance due.

Direct Fund Deposit and Accounting System
As payments are received on your behalf, they can be deposited directly into your bank account on a daily or weekly basis. Our unique system of accounting and posting payments allows each deposit to be maintained separately. So instead of simply reporting deposits on a grand total basis, your individual deposit records will correspond completely with bank statements. MultiMed can produce reporting to provide the detail for deposits on any interval such as daily, weekly, monthly, annually—whatever works for you.

Your Insurance Assurance
An important part of our job is to follow up on pending claims to ensure timely receipt of reimbursement payments. In addition, MultiMed files appeals and submits protest documentation to insurance companies that have denied claims. MultiMed also acquires and maintains provider numbers issued by Medicare, Medicaid and major insurance companies.

Getting the Job Done Right:

Flexible Billing Program
We customize all aspects of your particular billing program to suit your needs. You control how the process is set up and administered. Everything from the appearance of billings, rate structure and the level of intensity of collection efforts is designed especially for you.

Easy to Read, Digitally Printed Bills and Forms
MultiMed bills and insurance forms are printed on 8.5″ x 11.0″ paper. Many companies send out small, impersonal preprinted invoices that are difficult to read. Our invoices are easy to read and often make use of larger type sizes. All wording, layout and appearance on patient mailing items is fully customizable and can include your logo or art work. Remember, you approve all correspondence sent to patients, including billing forms.

Electronic Billing and Proprietary Diary System
MultiMed has developed a fully integrated computer software system that provides maximum speed and efficiency in claims processing. Part of our system allows account representatives to track and review each claim as needed. It all comes down to improved cash flow.

It’s All About Compliance
MultiMed offers you an outstanding record of compliance with all Medicare, Medicaid and insurance company regulations. In addition to over twenty years of insurance claims management experience, MultiMed employs a designated Compliance Officer who oversees and enforces our program in conjunction with our legal compliance partners Bond, Schoeneck & King. Together we continually review our protocol and make any necessary adjustments. MultiMed attends ambulance reimbursement conferences and seminars conducted by Medicare, the American Ambulance Association, state organizations, the Association of Air Medical Services and the Healthcare Billing and Management Association. Our efforts keep us on top of the ever-changing reimbursement regulations that affect your agency.

Follow-Up and Follow-Through

Monthly Reports
MultiMed can provide you with summaries and details of all billings produced, the number of accounts collected, the number of accounts outstanding and the number of accounts closed for each calendar month. A number of reports are available and can be customized to suit your needs.

Your Tracking System
Do you need to track claims based on district, geographic area, region, level of care, or level of response? MultiMed provides complete reporting on grand total as well as specific sub-categories.

Thorough Documentation
MultiMed maintains records of everything having to do with your billing process, including all patient signatures, assignment of benefits, mileage records, as well as records of conversations with patients and insurance companies. In addition, we make copies of every check that is deposited into your bank account. This provides a complete manual backup to our computer records and allows us to provide photocopies for reference if they are ever needed.

In Touch and Accessible
We make it easy for you, your patients, third parties and insurance companies to contact us with a nationwide, toll free number. MultiMed will handle all inquires and correspondence resulting from billing that we’ve generated on your behalf.

Membership Program System
MultiMed can handle your membership program and/or record keeping, in conjunction with your billing program. Membership information ties directly into billing records to improve accuracy and reporting in both areas.

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